Poppin’Party – Poppin’on! (Limited Edition)

Rilis : 30 Januari 2019

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Poppin’on! is the first album of Poppin’Party. It includes 17 selected songs from Poppin’Party’s released singles to date. It also includes recorded acoustic versions of 5 songs.

The Blu-ray limited edition includes a 52-page booklet, “Poppin’Portrait”, and a director’s cut version of “Let’s go to the caravan: BanG Dreamers Appreciation Caravan Journey”.


Disc 1

  1. Yes! BanG_Dream!
  2. STAR BEAT! ~Hoshi no Kodou~
  3. Hashiri Hajimeta Bakari no Kimi ni
  4. Teardrops
  5. Tokimeki Experience!
  6. Kirakira datoka yume datoka ~Sing Girls~
  7. Watashi no Kokoro wa Choco Cornet
  8. Mae e Susume!
  9. Yumemiru Sunflower
  10. Teardrops ~Popipa Acoustic Ver.~
  11. Hashiri Hajimeta Bakari no Kimi ni ~Popipa Acoustic Ver.~

Disc 2

  1. Time Lapse
  2. Hachigatsu no if
  3. Christmas no Uta
  4. B.O.F
  6. Double Rainbow
  7. Saa Ikou!
  8. Girl’s Code
  9. Yes! BanG_Dream! ~Popipa Acoustic Ver.~
  10. Natsuzora SUN! SUN! SEVEN! ~Popipa Acoustic Ver.~
  11. STAR BEAT! ~Hoshi no Kodou~ ~Popipa Acoustic Ver.~

Blu-ray Disc

  1. “Let’s go to the caravan: BanG Dreamers Appreciation Caravan Journey” ~Director’s Cut~
  2. Others
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